Pile up accident on I-75

On Friday, I was by myself on my way to my niece’s graduation from nursing school in Tallahassee and ended up on the side of 75 for hours after an accident with about 20 or so cars… with all the Florida Highway Patrol and ambulances etc…  It was raining and I was in the far left lane – lights on, both hands on steering wheel and no cell phone usage.  After seeing accidents with a spinning car ahead of me (car began spinning out of control – later found out that car was going too fast and started it all), I was able to slow down/slam on my brakes and not hit the car in front of me… While braking/screeching to stop, I looked in the rear view mirror and a truck wasn’t slowing down. I tried to move left as fast as possible to get out of the way – the truck hit my back right turning me left to slam into the guard rail.  Guard rails are a good thing.  – After hours in the rain waiting for fire trucks to leave, ambulances to pull away with people in stretchers, cars and glass and fenders to be cleaned up and to get crash report copies from the FHP, my car was towed and I arrived back in Gainesville riding in a tow truck.  I am okay (headachy, etc.)  I didn’t need to see paramedics but certainly don’t feel 100% after being slammed by a truck and forced into a guardrail.  Keeping up the motrin and working as always; be careful driving out there everyone! If I hadn’t moved just a few feet to the left, I would have been hit full on and pushed into all the accidents happening in front of me; I might be the luckiest person in the whole scene.